Block 1 EV128 ends in style

Block 1 ended yesterday and I was wowed by my students abilities to turn science into art, rewrite songs to convey important messages, create compelling infographics, and use humor to communicate science.

For their final projects students were tasked with creating one static and one live action public service announcement aimed at “cautious” and “doubtful” populations in a specific congressional district (as defined by the YPCCC – which has tons of amazing data that serve as the basis and inspiration for this project).

The group assigned to Utah rewrote the lyrics to Baby its Cold Outside resulting in one of the most heartwarming and lovely responses to this assignment to date (lyrics available):

In addition, the group assigned to North Dakota created a quirky local news report  and a spoof on the Colbert Report was the answer for California’s 2nd district.

In addition to their final science communication project – students created social media posts throughout the block to convey one idea of fact they learned during class.

Rinna Oh created this multimedia amazingness:

up next – Block 2 – Human Impacts on Global Biogeochemical Cycles…

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