Building Resilience: PROGRESS one-day workshops

Given the success of our PROGRESS program (Hernandez et al. 2018 Geosphere) we conducted a series of one day workshops in early Feb 2019 at Colorado State University and North Carolina A&T with supplemental funds from the National Science Foundation. Over the two weekends we ran five workshops – reaching ~ 230 undergraduate women interested in careers in the earth & environmental science fields (Univ of Wyoming, CSU, UC-Boulder, MetroState, Univ Northern Colorado, Colorado College, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, NC State, and NC A&T). The students met between 8 and 12 mentors – women with geoscience degrees working as research scientists, writers, professors, government scientists, PhD students, etc. Each panelist shared an unfiltered version of her life – providing a rare opportunity for the students to “know” fellow women scientists.

We asked What are you hoping to get out of today? Meeting people like me & knowing that my path will get me there despite the road blocks.

This is why we do this.

Sharing their personal hurdles, our panelists are inspiringly honest.

Our panelists share their life paths… from being terrified of their first conference presentation, learning how to knit, play soccer, searching for work they loved, recognizing the importance of mentorship, and falling in love

panelists share their life lessons:

Make a habit of courage & remember heart is at the center of courage. Remember a sign of strength & courage is being able to ask for help.

Own your truth.

Awesome mentors & friends are critical to surviving your education. Find people to build you up! Find people who will help you be your best self.

When life happens, take a break. then keep going. Don’t lose yourself in the process – we are all different, all advice will not be applicable. find your path & believe in yourself

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