a craving for elemental super heroes?!

Amy Burgin (KU), Rachel Gabor (OSU), Rose Smith (UU) and I are organizing a #biogeofeminist mixer Tuesday evening of this year’s annual meeting of the Society of Freshwater Science in Salt Lake City. Our hope is to bring together the biogeochemists who really like watery environs to help make our community more inclusive, equitable, and welcoming to all.

In brainstorming fundraising options we discussed making stickers. One weekend of being couch bound (after finally succumbing to the January/February campus germs) resulted in three elemental superheroes ready to fight for #biogeofeminist justice.

if you are interested in one – send me an email – $2 each. Proceeds go to offsetting the cost of the mixer and the Earth Science Women’s Network.

Overwhelming is the only way to describe the love and appreciation of these stickers. We sold out of 300 in three days. Just got the notification that more are on their way

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