Fire Research – Summer 2016

This summer Team Fire grew quite a bit! Following up on last summer’s work in the Hinman and Hayman fires we visited two additional 2002 burn scars (& nearby reference catchments) and sampled an additional hillslope within the Hayman burn.

Ecosystem Pools & Soil OM: Asheton Gilbertson (CC ’18) and Kyra Wolf (CC ’16) are working to quantify the black carbon pool and soil bioavailability, respectively.

In collaboration with Lynne Gratz, we are measuring how the amount of elemental Hg (and organic C) changes within in the soil profile post burn – across geomorphic (hillslope) and precipitation gradients.

Maggie MacKinley (CC ’18) & Mike Beitner (CC ’18) worked with Kyle Whittinghill to examine forest recovery post fire across Colorado using remote sensing products (NDVI, EVI). This project is a great compliment to our plot level work.


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