Day Awesome!

Hale Byrnes House

Sam & Becca, along with Cole Musial (University of Kentucky) and two students from Holly Michael’s Lab (University of Delaware) sampled pore water from sediment and stream bank piezometer nests over the tidal cycle (i.e. 12 hours). This effort was aided by the generosity of the Hale-Byrnes House residents and the smallest filters in the world.

This marathon day of sampling is part of a larger collaborative effort between Audrey Sawyer (OSU) and Becca to examine how tidal pumping impacts nitrogen processing in and export from the tidal freshwater zone. In addition to measuring pore water chemistry, Cole is using hydrodynamic measurements from these piezometer nests to model the hydrology (groundwater-surface water exchange) of the system as part of his Masters Thesis with Audrey.


smallest filter in the world


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